Reseña: Talking as Fast as I Can | Lauren Graham

I can’t help to ignore the fact that I might be bias writing this review. I came across Gilmore girls when I was 16. This show marked me in ways that I just discovered recently, as a twenty-something year old woman about to graduate from a communication/journalism degree —you get me now, do you?

After all those interviews that I had access only through YouTube (sorry, I was born in 1997), having the chance to read Lauren’s words from paper presented me, somehow, a familiar voice. As if I was having a casual chat with a sister I haven’t seen in a while, remembering all those happy memories from a show that I keep as my favourite since 2013.

This book is funny and emotional. All that can be expected from someone as sensitive and reflective as Lauren. Thank you for introducing me to Old Lady Jackson (who I absolutely love), The Kitchen Timer and warning me about people like Paycheck Boyfriend.

Not to mention, every single word that illustrates your experience with all that involved working with Amy and Dan. Especially the conversations between you and her.

I love your sense of humor. I laughed out loud in several opportunities —and I’m not quite sure how I ended up speaking to the author here. Well, I could be writing about this all night long and medical, medical, medical but… the thing is this:

Tonight, I’ll go to sleep with a smile because I finished my 227 pages of conversations with Lauren Graham.


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