I’m just trying to get to know who I am. Who I want to be. Aren’t we all doing it? I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

I like to read, not just books. Wikipedia pages, reddit forums, twitter conversations & youtube comments. Blog post about artists, personal posts of bloggers. But those are kinda hard to find nowadays.

Reading someone’s blog has a special vibe that you can’t find in other social media. Is something unique, this little corner of the internet that was designed and well curated by the author. The typo that they choose, the colors. The logo. Everything, but specially the fact that you don’t really know who is reading. Maybe that gives them (and me) freedom to express one-self. It’s my spot. And you, my reader. We are one in this moment that we share, asynchronically.

Are you still there?

Well, I wanted to tell you that I’m planning something in the next weeks. I’m packing, I’m going away. Have you ever had to get all your belongings into two or three bags? This is my second time. But this time I feel I bit better. I feel great, actually.

This time I’m going to a place where I don’t need to learn the language right away, as I did here in Italy. There I can speak English, at least for now. Maybe if I stay long term I will learn the local language. Will I stay long term?

I don’t know exactly why, but I’m feeling peace inside my brain. I feel that this crazy decision that I’ve made it’s going to take me to the right place. The right city, the right state of mind, the right people.

I imagine my life there with cloudy days, coffee and great conversation. Going to the places that I haven’t found here, with people interested in art, music, writing. Finding international pubs and comedy clubs. Perhaps I’m wrong and I’m just losing my head, but the thing is that I’m feeling good. As Nina Simone sings.

I’m getting my black suitcase, my black backpack, and I’m going to board a plane —again. This time, I would like to stay.


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